Q1. Does your business have online presence? Still deciding to go online or not??

Imagine if Dominos didn’t have online ordering; if Flipkart was a shop in Connaught Place & if Gmail was a private courier service. Just imagine!

The Indian online market has reached the fat figure of 243 Million internet users in June 2014. In today’s date, a website serves as a dynamic & 24×7 accessible visiting card. And it’s a fact, if people are looking for a service or specific item, they will surely search for it online. Having you company in the search results points the spotlight to your deliver-ability & brand value.

Q2. What next steps must one take after going online?

Simply owning a website isn’t enough to swim above your competition and reach out to your target audience. brandhype.in an Online Marketing Agency in Gurgaon, lays out a step-wise blueprint to take your business into the finer aspects of Digital Marketing. Search Engine Optimization, Digital Campaigns, Social Media Integration and Analytics to name a few.

Q3. Does your website reach out to people looking for it in search engines?

Search engines crawl & index millions of pages everyday. The primary aim is to return search results most relevant to the users query (keyword matches, primarily). So why not give the crawlers a little something to chew on? The brandhype.in Online Marketing Agency in Gurgaon ensemble executes premier Search Engine Optimization, tagging & flagging your brand website as the most relevant result for your target audience’s query.

Q4. Is your website compatible with mobiles, tabs & other digital devices?

‘Responsive’ means a website design with easy reading & navigation; brandhype.in utilizes cutting edge technology to provide Hi – End digital spaces with the optimal viewing experience. Choose from a wide range of Vibrant, Aesthetic templates best suited for your brand image. Our development team would be more than happy to customize each page to your liking.

Q5. Can your website compete with technologically upgraded, Hi-end web spaces?

In the online network today, websites must be lightweight & code based. The brandhype.in development team ensures emphasis on a jerk-free user experience through dynamic, CMS based, mobile optimized websites. ‘Focused Websites’, are the first two words in our developer’s dictionary.

Q6. Is your presence on social media effective and ideal?

On the World Wide Web, 6 social media portals stand out as being the most used & frequented by online users. The experienced team at brandhype.in providing expert Online Marketing Services in Gurgaonmanages, maintains, updates & iterates each of these portals so as to provide high scale engagements & trends for your brand.

Q7. How does one ensure that your brand message reaches out to the right people?

brandhype.in customizes each digital blueprint according to your target audience type. Every communication agenda has a specific plan of action, especially for guaranteed results. Sure, sharp & short solutions to reach out to your advocates, is the Brandhype promise.

Q8. Do I actually require all of this? Can’t brands simply own websites and be done with it?

We see optimized websites on a day to day basis. Each and every website requires a tuning up to ensure it is recognized & qualified by search engines & analytics  driven accreditation.  Consumers subconsciously can differentiate between a standard website and an optimized web space within  the blink of an eye .  This has led to organizations realizing the need to be in tune with digital marketing protocols since it invariably contributes to the Brand Image & Recognition in today’s time & age. So it comes down to either being a hard-worker or a smart-worker. You decide.

Q9.Do you promise specific duration for Ranking on first page of Google?

No, we do not promise any of our clients for Ranking on Google first page. Since Google warns Digital Marketing companies not to promise for any clients. Google may change the Search Algorithm or Search ranking anytime. This will lead to false promise to the clients by promised Digital Marketing companies.

Q10. Some Digital Marketing companies promise Google Ranking. How do they promise?

They may work on Black Hat SEO techniques which will give you immediate result with in a month. But later your website may get blocked by any of the future Google updates. This will lead to losing business online permanently with that Website and Domain Name. Most of thr real Organic results takes atleast 2 months of time to display and rank website on first page of Google.